Pup and Parent Experiences

"Dylan has by far exceeded my expectations in training my once reactive and pushy German Shepherd, into being a relaxed and much calmer dog during our outings. I was struggling to fully understand my dogs needs when it came to her reactivity, and Dylan helped us communicate better through tools and commands which led to a better relationship between my dog an I and resulted in better behavior on walks. I can see the difference in my dog, and I’m super happy with the progress and the process during our lessons. I would highly recommend Dylan’s Dog Training to anyone and everyone!" - Caitlin and Kamra 

"Dylan has been working with our 3-year old cock-a-poo, Moose, for about a month now and we can already see HUGE improvements! It can be tough training a dog, not only for the dog but also the owner and Dylan has done a great job teaching us both how to effectively train without getting stressed out. Moose has struggled with anxiety and just being able to relax on his own, but with Dylan’s training boot camp and follow up lessons Moose is now able to relax on his own without constantly stressing about the world around him. If you are looking for a reliable trainer who can easily connect with any dog & owner...Dylan’s Dog Training is it!!" - Zoe, Bronte, and Moose

"Dylan's Dog Training has been absolutely pivotal in the changing of Faerie's aggression issues. Dylan didn't just train Faerie--he trained us, to give us the tools to change Faerie's behavior. Accessible via video call, Dylan walked us through various techniques to help us help Faerie in her skill-building, including: walking on a leash without pulling, waiting to go out an open door, going to her "place" (for Faerie, her bed!), not harassing our cats, and even how to rollover! Currently, she is learning how to not jump on visitors, and how to safely meet other dogs. Faerie has had a history of aggression toward other dogs, but was able to safely meet a small lap dog while using techniques learned in Dylan's sessions. I can not recommend this balanced-style service more." -Aspen, Aedan, and Faerie 

"Before you started training Iggy, I was following Dylan’s Dog Training on Instagram. I read how dogs and their owner’s were developing communication. I didn’t understand it, until we started training. Iggy and I are now fully communicating and I fully understand it because I feel it and see it in Iggy and myself. I am more aware of signals I send or don’t send to him. I am deliberate in what I ask him to do and most importantly, I am consistent. He’s happier, I am much more confident in the response I will get from him. Thank you for getting us to this point. We are both happier, relaxed and really enjoy off leash time, chill time and great leash walks. You are the bomb Dylan!!!" - Wendy and Iggy

"Dylan is a reliable and trustworthy dog trainer. He helped our large dog Monty, who had issues with calming down on a leash and listening to basic commands. He taught our dog place and heel during private training sessions. Once you work with Dylan, you are always able to reach him quickly if you need extra help with your dog or have questions. It’s very reassuring that if I have a behavioral concern about my dog, I can reach out to him anytime and he has the answers! We also do day training with Dylan, which is like a better version of doggie daycare. Dylan not only watches your dog, but exercises the dogs, trains them, and gives them lots of love. In day training, Monty gets a lot more personalized attention such as the opportunity to do obstacle courses, play with other dogs and learn new commands. Working with Dylan, has really improved our relationship with our dog and our dog loves it!" - Annie, Charles, and Monty

"Before going to Dylan’s Dog Training, Lusa was out of control. Constantly jumping on anyone who meets her to the point where I didn’t want anyone coming over to my house. She was not respondent to me at all and didn’t think of me as alpha. Afterward she’s become an amazing dog. She’s totally done a 180! She won’t jump as much and will listen to my commands. He is definitely an amazing trainer! I can’t wait to bring Lusa back for more training and see what else we can accomplish! I’m so thankful for Dylan and what he’s done for Lu, myself, and for everyone else that meets her!" - Mel and Lusa

"From day training, private lessons and board and trains, Dylan's Dog Training offers it all! My roommate and I adopted a 6- month old pit-boxer mix and when we needed a trainer Dylan was our best option. He provides a calm environment that not only builds your dogs confidence but your confidence as an owner as well. When beginning day training I was worried how my dog would interact with other dogs he didn't know, well thank to Dylan's Dog Training, Henry knows the protocols for when he meets others, human or dog. Dylan is not only an excellent trainer but he is extremely reliable for when I need him to answer a question or get advice about what steps to take in order to assist any concerns. I recommend Dylan's Dog Training whenever I see a dog who is seeking a trainer because I know that no matter what needs the dog has Dylan will be sure to find the solution." - Sam, Andy, and Henry

"Dylan was the THIRD dog trainer we tried to help our ill-behaved rescues. The pulling, barking, lunging and highly reactive nature of Harry and Martha was wrecking havoc on our lives and caused immense stress and frustration for over a year. Enter Dylan. . . Within a week we were moving in the right direction and things have only gotten better and better. Dylan understood and cared about our family dynamic and he worked with us on our goals and on our timeline. We are all so much happier (and safer) since we started working with him. Our only regret is waiting so long to make the call." - Harry, Martha, Patrick, and Christa

"When I got my rescue dog, Frankie, I really struggled to understand him. I didn't know how to get through to him or manage his dog reactivity. Most of the time he was so disengaged with me that it was like I barley even existed. After working with Dylan, I now know that's because Frankie and I were not effectively communicating with each other. Within just a couple of sessions, Dylan gave us the tools to finally start speaking the same language. And from there, Frankie has really exceeded my expectations with his training. Any trainer can teach your dogs some tricks, but Dylan gave me something much more valuable: the foundation to build a solid relationship with my dog."

- Frankie and Joe  

"I have confidently recommended Dylan to two co-workers. Our 4 1/2 year old French Bulldog Winston started training with Dylan in The summer, and has been transformed. After meeting Dylan, you will immediately realize he is a very special trainer. He knows that no two dogs are alike, and utilizes different methods for different dogs. His knowledge of breeds is spot on, and adjusts his training accordingly. I continue to take Winston to day training with Dylan as he truly Loves going. A great personal benefit to me is that while at work, I can go on Instagram and see videos of what Winston is doing throughout the day. Dylan is a very compassionate, kind individual who I will continue to highly recommend to others."

-Sandi and Winston

"I rescued Asa a few months ago and it was clear she needed some guidance! I had her join the puppy class Dylan held and she did very well but there was some things I needed her to learn that she was not learning with me. I wanted her to learn an “out” command so when she was becoming too much for my husky with wrestling she would leave him alone. I wanted her to gain better leash skills for walks as walking two dogs is more than I expected. I wanted her to learn a calmer state of mind by learning place. I wanted her to learn recall so that if she got off leash for some reason I could recall her back to me. Lastly, I wanted her to not be scared beyond belief of her nails being trimmed. Asa stayed with Dylan for three weeks in a board and train program where she excelled! She learned that her nails being trimmed is ok! She learned her “out” command! She learned place and gaining that calm state of mind! She learned to come back to me when being called! These next few weeks will be a test but if it wasn’t for Dylan we would be where we were three weeks ago where she did not care to listen! Dylan transformed my husky with me so I knew he could do it for Asa too! If you are interested in having your dog trained with Dylan I would 1,000% recommend him! He is an amazing trainer and really knows how to train your pup!"

-Jess and Asa

"I would 10/10 recommend Dylan’s Dog Training to anyone I know!! Dylan is a phenomenal dog trainer and offers a wide variety of services to help accommodate your dogs individual needs. He has experience training several different dog breeds and is always continuing his education by learning different training techniques and approaches to certain behaviors. Being a first time dog owner, I contacted Dylan when my puppy Diesel was 5 months old in hopes to learn some basic training commands and help create a solid foundation for my puppy to build off of. During our lessons we started off with basic recall, engagement, impulse control drills and how to walk properly on a leash. Dylan taught me so much in such a short period of time and I saw an instant change in behavior! From then on, I decided to continue training and enroll Diesel in his day training program which was AMAZING!! Diesel was able to learn how to properly socialize with other dogs and build confidence in doing things outside of his comfort zone! From pack walks, to sit stays with a calm state of mind, to having mini lessons to work on individual goals - Dylan covers it all! I have to say if you are worried about your dog in that type of setting, Dylan is huge on advocating for your pup and maintaining a safe and controlled environment. Overall, I couldn’t be happier and more pleased with my experience at Dylan’s Dog Training!"

- Kelsey and Diesel

"Dylan helped so much with strengthening the bond between us. He has given us the tools to communicate with our dog which allows both the dog and family to understand each other much easier. Our pup no longer pulls on walks, is far less reactive towards other dogs, no longer has “bullying” behavior towards people. Thanks to Dylan we now have the perfect dog. I am so proud of my baby and how far he has come. Dylan has helped us establish boundaries and teach several commands which allows for the family and dog to live a much more balanced, enriched life. We can not thank Dylan enough and would recommend him to anyone looking to correct some behavioral problems. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad communication from the people." - Sam, Debra, and River

"My Dalmatian Lucy and I recently completed adventure class with Dylan. It was a great time for all levels of dogs and handlers. Dylan is wonderful at meeting students where they are and helping them grow. He is a great dog trainer but even better human trainer. We have been able to proof and perfect so many skills in so many situations through this class. Class was fun, and meaningful. Plus you get the best photo opportunities! Thank you Dylan! 10/10 recommend him" - Alisha and Lucy

"We 1000% recommend Dylan for your dog training needs! Our rescue fur babies, Mila (very stubborn husky mix) & Nya (skittish Pitt/beagle mix) are soo different and Dylan recognizes that, and has helped us learn each of their training styles. Dylan is extremely easy to talk to and collaborative, making training your dog(s) fun and stress free. Our family has utilized private sessions, day training, adventure classes and the basic obedience course that Dylan offers and would recommend them all! Both of our dogs have truly thrived with his guidance and we couldn’t be anymore appreciative!" - Mila, Nya, Laurlen, and Peter

"Dylan has completely transformed not only my dog, buster, but our relationship and strengthened our bond. Buster used to be very reactive and scared of the world but Dylan gave me the tools I needed to help Buster learn how to enjoy being a dog. When we first started with Dylan he asked me what my wildest goal would be with Buster and I told him I just wanted to be able to take him to a brewery or a patio and have Buster enjoy it, but I never thought that would happen. After a few lessons and weeks of diligent training at home I can now take Buster to any patio. Not only did Dylan help me build Busters confidence, but he also gave me the confidence I needed to be the best dog mom I could be for Buster. We can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for us and I would recommend him to everyone!" - Leah and Buster

"Hello Mr. Dylan, Gus here, just wanted to leave my honest ‘Thank you/Review”. You have given me so much freedom by teaching both me and my parents some awesome skills to help me the best boy I can be. Because of you, I am so much more confident in my surroundings- which has been tough because of my crazy background!! But you taught me that I’m safe and helped my parents see that their confidence in me helps me to feel confident too! You’ve also worked hard on me being the best brother to my much older and much smaller brother, now he really loves and enjoys having me around! I’ve also learned that calm times are really pretty great and make my parents so happy when they are cooking and relaxing! I love all of your stinky treats and attention. The work you continue to put into me will never be matched and me and my whole family are thankful for you!!" - Gus, Zeus, Ashlee, and Cole

"Dylan has been great. We've been bringing our dog Stella to him for over a year and have seen great results. She loves going over there and training with him as he brings his packs around town to train "in the wild" and around the neighborhood for pack walks. He takes pictures and videos throughout the day so you can kind of check in and also see what he's doing with your and other dogs. He is very persistent to get the dogs to try new things like treadmill training and other activities they might be uncomfortable or anxious about. We've also boarded our dog with him and it was a great experience. We love Dylan and have referred anyone who has a new or misbehaving dog to him and will continue to do what we can to spread the word." Stella, Andrea, and Mike

"I can not say enough how amazing of a dog trainer Dylan is. My husband & I reached out to him after one of my coworkers highly recommended him. We had to address some basic concerns and training skills with our dog Aspen. Not only did he help us with those, but he gave us the necessary tools to make sure they will be corrected long term and we will succeeded in the future with our furbaby. He really works with every dog and their specific needs, struggles, personalities, etc. He’s also just such a great person who makes you and your dog feel like they are in great hands! Aspen would not be the dog she is now if it wasn’t for him!" - Aspen and Kellie

"Dylan has worked with our huskies for the past 2 years! He is a highly skilled professional that helped our Harvest overcome some steep obstacles with behavior. Dylan has brought peace, calm and joy to our home through our dogs amazing transformation! I recommend Dylan for all your training needs! 5 paws up!" - Tammy, Harvest, and Sasha

"Dylan is the most amazing trainer. He is approachable and extremely knowledgeable. Dylan has made such great strides with our girls and gives us the tools to continue the work at home. Dylan establishes a relationship with every dog he trains and that makes all the difference. Dylan is always willing to answer questions and has helped us with so much for our girls. We refer everyone we know with dogs to Dylan. Reach out. You and your dog will be happy you did." - Justin, Lee, Wanda, and Bailey